12 April, 2014

Tips on using the blank UNRULY cards

How to Use:  Your Blank UNRULY Cards

If you are one of our amazing KickStarter backers (at the $30+ level), you now have your exclusive Expansion Pack of 20 blank UNRULY cards.  You’re probably thinking, “Yippee!  Now what do I do with these beautiful things?”  We’ve compiled this list of tips to help you bring out your inner UNRULY.

-First and foremost, play several rounds of UNRULY before writing your own rules.  It will help you to get a feel for how the game works and which rules you would like to add.  (The extra cards are not necessary for regular game play.  During our play-testing stage, many people came up with rule ideas they thought would be fun, so we decided the expansion pack would be a cool addition for our beloved KickStarter backers.)

-What is included:

3 blank cards for each Rule category, A through D
(Two cards give you guidelines/suggestions, the other is completely blank, leaving you to your own creative devices.)

3 blank Event Cards (2 have guidelines, 1 is completely up to you)

3 blank UNRULY Cards (2 give you ideas, 1 is blank)

2 blank Penalty Cards – If you think our Penalties are too rough/too lenient, now is your chance to create your own!

-Rule Categories – Keep your rules within these parameters so they (hopefully) won’t conflict with any existing rules.

-A (Pink) – These rules involve touch/tactile type rules:
Examples from the deck:  No tapping fingers, No touching your nose, No scratching

-B (Purple) – These are more physical actions:
Examples from the deck:  You must dance, No yawning, No stretching

-C (Orange) – These restrict words you’re allowed to say/what you say:
Examples from the deck:  No saying “yes or no,” No naughty words, No saying “rule or penalty”

-D (Light Blue) – These are more about how you speak:
Examples from the deck:  Must make animal sounds, Must speak in questions, Must whisper

-Event Cards (Green) – These are things you can make happen during your turn.
Think of them as casting a magic spell.  You can make whatever you wish happen! (Within reason…)
Examples from the deck:  Steal a person’s card, Change the direction of play, Have a person get you a drink

-UNRULY Cards (Red) – These are for when you catch someone doing something annoying or, well, Unruly!
What’s your pet peeve?  Write it on a blank UNRULY card and bust your friends for doing it!
Examples from the deck:  High fiving, Cracking knuckles, Texting during the game

-A helpful tip:  Write your rules on post-it notes and stick them to the blank card so you can change your mind later (or if you find one doesn’t work/clashes with an existing rule). We designed the game so that none of the rules conflict with each other.  Our advice?  If you come up with a rule that you like better than ours, use yours!  Promise, it won’t hurt our feelings.  (Too much…)

-We apologize that the expansion cards don’t fit in the box with the rest of the deck.  A slight production oversight on our part…  Live and learn, right?

Enjoy.  Have fun.  Create!  We would love to hear any stories that you have from playing UNRULY.  And we always love seeing your game-play pictures!