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The hysterically funny rule changing card game!

The Easy Part-

  • To win, simply collect 3 THING Cards that chain together.  Sounds easy, right?

The Hard Part-

  • Do that while trying not to break the constantly changing Rules, keeping an eye on your friends, and laughing hysterically.

Bring  your family and friends closer together with this crazy intense, laugh-out-loud fun card game!

We guarantee you will smile a lot!!!


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UR LOGO small for web 1

  • Learn to play in about 5 minutes, mastery may take a lifetime.
  • For 2-6 players
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Play time between 10 – 40 minutes
  • 108 Cards
  • Can be seamlessly combined with UNRULY 2 for larger game play!

WARNING: Play not recommended for more than 2 hours in one sitting.  Long-term play can result in nervousness, paranoia and the feeling of impending doom.  You may experience shortness of  breath due to intense laughter.


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