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Mystery & adventure, fortune & misfortune, laugher & hijinks, all on the seas.

PS. Never trust a pirate.

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The one thing you can trust about a pirate is the fact that you can’t trust a pirate, and Blargh! is most centrally a game of discovery, what you don’t know, and not letting on about what you do know. You know.

Just as you don’t know what’s beyond the horizon until you sail out onto the map, the dynamic game board in Blargh is unknown until you sail into it, and is never the same from game to game, and can even change within a single game.

Your goal is to explore the seas in search of treasure, or engage the enemy in ship-to-ship combat to steal theirs. But you’re after more treasure than your ship can carry at one time, so you’ll need to slyly stash it someplace on the map, and keep your enemies guessing as to where your real treasure is.

1 review for Blargh!

  1. Zogg

    Wow! It even comes with a live parrot!

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