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FUN is more than a Game to us… or is it?


The objective is fairly simple, but the rules are constantly changing, and the laughter is infectious!

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UNRULY 2 is a stand-alone expansion for UNRULY. Combine the two for expanded play, or play it on its own.

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Fast-paced 2-player card game with action just as fast as the sport of fencing.
En Garde!

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Simply put, it defies description. Quite possibly our funniest game yet.
Yeah, I know.

Thank you to all of our supporters for the amazing success of our
Kickstarter project for UNRULY! - The Card Game.

About Putnam Gizmo

Who are we?
…aiming to make the world laugh a little more along the way.

Putnam Gizmo is an independent tabletop game design company bringing people closer together through fun, smiles and laughter.

As two life-long buddies who value friendships and family above all else, our mission is to make the world a happier place.

It’s not all about winning (though that’s fun, too!). Looking back at all the times playing our games, people rarely remember who won. But everyone remembers laughing and having a great time with people they care about.

Putnam Gizmo games are about the journey, not the destination!


Just like fuzzy-logic …without the logic.


Co-Founder / Lead Guitarist


Co-Founder / Ball-of-String Theorist
May the Force be with you…

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