How Did Unruly Get Its Name?

Unruly 4 pics

This hilarious rule-changing game was originally called “Axioms” – because we got a little thesaurus happy and looked up cool words for “rules” and “laws.”  Then it was called “It’s the Law,” because, well, we couldn’t think of anything better.  Oh, those early days…  Back then, the game included Judges, dice, ridiculously complicated rules, nine categories of rules in-play at one time…  It was absurd, really.

Where was I?  Ah, yes.  The name.  The perfect name.

I took my wife on a romantic vacation.  To Ohio.  Shut up.  Anyway, as she was getting ready for a night on the town, she was tweezing her eyebrows and said, “Good grief.  My eyebrows are totally unruly!!” *gasp*  “UNRULY!  That’s it!  That’s the perfect name for your game!”

And so, Unruly was born.

Stay tuned for exciting Unruly updates (and how you can get your own deck!) coming really soon…